3 Industries Facing Severe Talent Shortages This Decade

With record-low unemployment rates over the last couple years, staffing and recruiting is already pretty difficult. Finding and keeping the ideal candidate proves increasingly more difficult as job seekers exercise their freedom to remain finicky in their job searches. To dive right in, it’s only going to become more difficult to source adequate talent in the coming decade. Several major industries are expected to face severe talent shortages this decade, and working with generic job boards or staffing companies will no longer cut it. Studies show a prediction of shortages in many fields, but most notably in banking and finance, manufacturing, and energy and technology. In preparation for this deficiency, it’s imperative to work with experienced, specialized employment services sooner than later to establish a plan of action and keep a full, qualified funnel of talent. 

Shortages in Manufacturing Employees

The manufacturing industry is expected to see a significant deficit in skilled workers by 2030, and many companies are already having trouble filling roles of this caliber. Manufacturing is driven by innovation, changing the world in fields such as solar, chemicals, machining, and others. In such a politically competitive market, the demand for talented employees that can create, innovate, design, and think outside the box will reach new highs, leaving a severe shortage in available qualified job seekers for positions including steelworkers, welders, machinists, manufacturing management, designers, and more. 

Shortages in Banking and Financial Services Employees

The banking and financial services market is one of the most significant industries with expected talent shortages in the coming decade. Competition is already tight in the financial job market, and disruptive technology and automation continue to reduce the need for traditional style employees. Shortages in banking and finance are anticipated to reach nearly 10.7 million people, which will affect talent sourcing for accountants, bank executives, loan officers, tax specialists, insurance brokers and agents, call center and customer service representatives, and others. 

Shortages in Energy and Technology Employees

As the world’s tech leader, the United States will face a significant talent shortage in the energy and technology industries over the next decade. Training highly skilled employees falls on the companies that need these positions filled and the educational facilities to create this type of worker. With an increasingly tight economy, competitive job market, and expensive educational system, the opportunity to develop these skill sets wears thin. These sectors include artificial intelligence, telecommunications, media, and energy, and the existing workforce must remain flexible and adapt as these industries continue to evolve. The upcoming generation of workers and job seekers may not match the available positions, causing a shortage of qualified equipment operators, nuclear techs, IT and software support and designers, engineers, and others. 

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