4 Reasons Employers Didn’t Call You Back

Picture this: you just found the perfect job opportunity. You knocked the online questions out of the park. You had a natural answer to every question, you demonstrated yourself as the ideal employee, and you submitted your job application and resume while imagining yourself ending your job search and starting your new career at that very company. Then, the employer doesn’t call you back. But why? Everything seemed like a great fit! Below, we dive into four of the most common reasons that employers don’t call their interviewees back. 

Reason #1: You Were Overqualified for the Position

Often, if the job application process seems too easy, employers might be concerned that you’re too good of a fit, and ultimately overqualified for the job opening. Employers in this situation may fear that you might be bored with the daily tasks of the position. Or perhaps the company requires a significant amount of conformity or operates best with conservative mentalities, and you’re such an outside-the-box thinker that you scare them. Another possibility is that you’re simply worth more than they can pay you, given the job market. Employers and hiring managers are busy—they won’t bother calling you back if they feel it’s at all a waste of time.

Reason #2: Your Resume Wasn’t Tailored To The Specific Position

One of the most common mistakes that job seekers make is making one resume and submitting it to every job they’re applying to. Resumes should certainly be strategically tailored for each job opportunity and application process. Also, many larger employers utilize application tracking systems (ATS) to filter through an abundance of job applicants. An ATS scans applications and resumes for specific keywords, in an attempt to vet out unqualified candidates. If your resume is lacking these keywords, there is a good chance you won’t get a call back. An experienced talent sourcing agency can help tailor your resume and ensure you get noticed.

Reason #3: The Role Was Already Filled

Depending on the industry, some businesses hire almost entirely internal candidates, and only post the job opening as a formality, so perhaps the position was already filled, or they already have someone in mind as a serious contender. Additionally, some employers leave the job posting up after it’s already been filled, or it may be the case that job boards picked up on the position and didn’t bother to update upon filling the role. For this reason, job boards aren’t always the most advisable method for job searching, as this can result in not getting a call back. There’s not much to be done about this, other than making sure that you apply to an opening as soon as you see it. A qualified talent sourcing agency can help ensure that you avoid these mishaps and miscommunications. 

Reason #4: The Hiring Manager Is Inundated With Applications

A very simple and very likely possibility: the hiring manager just had too many applications to review and yours wasn’t even seen or considered. This can often occur when an employer receives hundreds or thousands of applicants a week, but is understaffed in the HR department. Massive job boards can often make hiring managers’ jobs more difficult than anything else. If your resume didn’t even get a glance, this could be the reason that the employer didn’t call you back. 

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