Why Your Hiring Manager Hates Job Boards

Finding the perfect candidate for an open position can be a difficult process. Businesses today frequently rely heavily on job boards to source talent, and though they may seem like an effective approach to hiring, the outcomes are often staggeringly inefficient. The competitiveness of the business world has manipulated the idea of “keeping a full funnel” to mean “as many applicants as possible.” Job boards typically result in quantity over quality, which can lead to overwhelmed hiring managers. These unhappy and stressed hiring managers make for poor hires, poor employee retention, and ultimately severely deter company progress.

Job Boards Provide Too Many Applicants

Hiring managers face the daunting and relentless task of sorting through hundreds of qualified and often unqualified applicants from job board submissions. On average, each corporate job opening receives over 250 resumes and only 4-6 are interviewed. This means that hiring managers are filtering out 98% of applicants, which either takes too much time to do thoroughly or overlooks several qualified resumes if performed hastily. Because job boards are designed to appeal to the masses, your hiring manager is left to do the dirty work. This task can often seem insurmountable, which promotes negativity and causes them to cut corners. 

Job Boards Are a Waste of Time

As part of their appeal, job boards make it simple for job seekers to submit a basic resume to several job openings at once. This produces an abundance of lackadaisical applicants who may or may not be serious candidates. The idea of “ghosting” during the job application process is becoming more and more prevalent as candidates are delayed in their understanding of the job description due to the impersonal nature of applying through a job board. Accordingly, job seekers feel no obligation to communicate with employers and hiring managers, which can cause a ton of frustration and wasted time. 

Job Boards Add to an Already-Full Plate

Hiring managers help to oversee and facilitate many critical daily procedures performed by a Human Resources (HR) department. They assist with every step of the job candidate workflow, collaborate with other department heads to develop job descriptions and advertisements, and they play a significant role in new hires’ onboarding processes. As employers, your business’s recruiting efforts should aim to make a hiring manager’s role easier, not more difficult. Hiring managers already have a full workload–filtering through hundreds of mildly interested job applicants from generic job boards is low on their list of priorities and, ultimately, beneath their qualifications. 

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