5 Job Searching Myths Debunked

The job market can feel complex at times, and job hunting is often a daunting task. It doesn’t help that job seekers often make assumptions based on what they’ve heard from colleagues or job boards on different tactics and trends in this step of the process. With several misconceptions surrounding the best job searching methods, it can be difficult even to know where to begin. As a result, job seekers can easily become frustrated and only further delay progressing their career. Below, we’re debunking 5 of the most common job searching myths to shed light on the job hunting process and help provide some clarity. 

Myth #1: Using Multiple Job Boards Will Get You Multiple Job Offers

One of the most popular misconceptions relating to job searching is that applying to jobs on several job boards will automatically have employers lining up to interview you. While applying to opportunities via job boards can certainly be one of many approaches, it should not be the only component of your job hunting strategies. Online job boards are often dealing with an excessive volume of applicants and ambiguity. Accordingly, job boards are not nearly as effective as they claim themselves to be. 

Myth #2: Take The First Job Offer Your Recieve

A popular myth in the job hunting community is that you should take the very first job opportunity that comes your way. Though this can be very enticing, and frankly hard not to do, you do not have to take the first job offer you get. Job searching is a streaky process—there are ups and downs, twists and turns, and you should be prepared for droughts as well as for influxes of opportunities. The first offer you receive may be an excellent opportunity, but it isn’t always the best option out there. The best job placement agencies can provide you with several job opportunities and will work with you to compare and contrast the offers, finding the optimal role for your specific scenario. 

Myth #3: The Best Jobs Go To The Best Candidate

Much of the job seeker community is under the impression that only the best candidate gets the offer. While this is sometimes true, a majority of job offers are given to the candidate with a good combination of talents and a mixture of experience. When a job candidate’s resume is overly tailored to the industry or open position, it can often present to the employers and hiring managers as hindering, or even too good to be true. The important takeaway here is that if you seem to have the perfect background for the position, don’t be too cocky. If you feel you don’t have the perfect background, don’t count yourself out. You can still crush the interview process—you got this. 

Myth #4: Changing Careers Is Extremely Difficult  

A more traditional view on job hunting is that changing careers is rare and extremely challenging. This is also a misconception. WIth the progression of technology comes increased awareness and easier transitions. Learning new trades has become more plausible, and people are changing careers far more often than ever. Additionally, recruiting consultants with years of expertise and a portfolio of connections can offer a significant advantage when it comes to changing careers. It is still important to choose wisely and remain dedicated when and if you do decide to change career paths. 

Myth #5: All Available Jobs Are Posted On Job Boards

Many job seekers believe that job boards like Ziprecruiter, Monster, and Indeed are showcasing all of the jobs available for any given industry. This, too, is a misconception. Many very reputable companies refrain entirely from utilizing online job boards for their recruiting. Some businesses rely on referrals or word of mouth to fill critical roles, while others turn to advertisements. Some hiring managers simply don’t find job boards as effective, based on a number of variables, including the industry, type of job opening, season, economy, and others. A well-connected staffing agency can utilize key resources to ensure that you have access to the complete pool of available job openings in your particular field. 

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