5 Reasons Job Boards Don’t Work

Whether you’re applying to your first job, looking for a drastic career change, or simply keeping your options open, job hunting can be a stressful and complicated process. For years, job boards such as Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and others were regarded as the primary way to go for job seekers. At their peak, applying to jobs through sites like these was simply a must-do. However, in today’s digital-first climate, generic job-finding websites are nowhere near as effective as they once were. 

Job Boards: A Brief Description

Job boards, or employment websites, are online lists of job openings and employment vacancies where active job seekers can apply to any position that appeals to them. Job sites can be extremely general or specific to one industry, and either allow for direct application or provide the relevant contact information and instructions to apply. Often, applications from a job board are forwarded to a third party recruiting company and filtered through again before being submitted to the company’s HR department and decision-makers. 

With an ever-burgeoning social media presence and the rise of connection-driven, online recruiting, job boards are rapidly becoming obsolete. Below, we’ve compiled a list of five hindrances for job seekers to consider, especially before limiting their strategy to job boards alone.

Excessive Volume

The sheer magnitude and volume of applicants on job boards inevitably throws resumes into a black hole of job seekers. Job boards are designed to appeal to the most users possible because web traffic benefits them as a company. Accordingly, job boards have intrinsically generic components that attract quantity instead of quality. Not only is this counterproductive for employers, but it also drastically reduces the chances of a resume ever being viewed.

No Measurable Data

Job boards provide little to no measurable data on their success and placement rates. Applicants have no idea how many jobs they should apply for to guarantee a result, why they didn’t get the position or job interview, or how successful that particular job board is on average. This can often result in frustrated applicants with no sense of direction or progress, which only makes job hunting more difficult and desperate. 

Low Priority

Job applicants coming from employment websites are often given low priority or referred to as a last resort. Job openings are frequently sourced internally, and decision-makers may not ever consider perusing the job boards at all. Additionally, most businesses utilize an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a program that collects, organizes, and interprets data of live applicants. An ATS enables employers and hiring managers to quickly search their database for qualified resumes before the open position even surfaces on a job board, pushing subsequent applicants even further down the priority list.


Job descriptions on job boards are commonly generic and often fail to accurately depict job duties and expectations. This can cause applicants to shy away from applying to jobs that would actually be a good fit, or even worse, waste time and money by filling a position only to find out that the role is different than initially advertised. The generic “one size fits all” approach is fantastic to attract a large number of applicants to job boards but does not deliver on the quality of execution front. 

Social Networks

With the booming popularity of social media comes the simplicity of networking and referrals. A mutual relationship is a much stronger opener than a good cover letter. With websites like LinkedIn or even Facebook and Instagram, getting a foot in the door has never been easier. This is yet another avenue that takes priority over general job boards when it comes to filling an open position. 

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