These Industries Are Hiring Job Seekers by the Thousands Despite the COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus has greatly impacted just about every single market and industry in the world. As businesses attempt to adjust as best they can, job seekers and hiring managers alike are left a bit disoriented. Buying habits haven’t ceased entirely, but they have shifted drastically. While several industries and businesses are shutting their doors, market focus is inevitably funneled into those that remain, and consumers resort to acquiring essentials however they can. As a result, the competition and demand for goods are skyrocketing, and many industries are hiring new employees by the thousands. Below, we dive into four examples of industries that have actually seen a significant spike in job availability, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Retail and Food Retail

Directly influenced by the crisis, pharmaceutical retail and food retail businesses are looking to fill an abundance of employment opportunities. Health is now a bigger priority than ever before, so stores such as Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid remain essential and continue to operate and full capacity. Over 44% of Americans take one prescription medication or more, a percentage that has been steadily increasing for decades. Accordingly, pharmacies are in no danger of closing down. As it stands, Walgreens is looking to hire 20,000 new employees, CVS aims to fill 50,000 job openings, and Rite Aid has immediate openings in their stores and distribution centers. 

Food retail stores, such as grocery store chains are also upping their hiring numbers drastically, for apparent reasons. As many more social food sources and restaurants have been forced to close their doors due to social distancing, the grocery shopping market has quickly become the only acceptable quarantine-escape outing in many cities. Supermarkets are looking for baggers and cashiers, sure, but they’re also looking to fill roles relating to supply chain logistics, public relations, customer care, and even software development. Kroger, Walmart, Publix, and Instacart are currently looking to fill hundreds of thousands of job opportunities for eager job seekers.  


With a sudden hard cutoff of traffic to brick and mortar locations due to government-mandated quarantines, e-commerce is another rather evident industry hiring by the thousands. Online shopping has seen a massive jump in activity compared to last year. In a revenue-based analysis of more than 850 U.S. retail e-commerce domains, the industry saw a 14% increase in sales and a 40% spike after the declaration of a national state of emergency. Amazon, for example, is advertising over 100,000 openings in various roles, such as in their fulfillment centers and logistics departments. 


As the quarantine continues, any businesses that can are taking advantage of the ability to work from home. This is hardly a temporary development, as remote offices have been increasing in popularity for years. Many companies will see notable advantages in productivity, hiring availability, and employee satisfaction from being forced to work from home. To succeed in a work-from-home environment, companies need quality video conferencing platforms, internal messaging services, and innovative telecommunications. Accordingly, the telecommunications industry is looking to expand, and they’d prefer to do so rapidly. Companies such as Zoom and Slack are flourishing and adding thousands of openings on their technical support, customer care, engineering, and finance teams


The healthcare industry is unfortunately inundated with their recently increased workload and is, therefore, hiring in unprecedented quantities. The COVID-19 pandemic is receiving the majority of the focus, which also results in shortages in several other departments. Hospitals, urgent care facilities, public healthcare businesses, and nonprofits are hiring for all sorts of positions, including nurses, physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, specialists, and more. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies working on cures for coronavirus, as well as for other diseases, are looking to ramp up their employment significantly. 

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