The Future of Talent Sourcing

The world of talent sourcing and job hunting has undergone massive changes over the last couple of years, especially due to the pandemic. As the global workforce continues to shift toward more freelance work, remote work opportunities, and a complete digital overhaul, talent acquisition must be wary of these key considerations. Job boards like Ziprecruiter, or Monster are no longer optimal for job seekers, as most companies are unsatisfied with a one-size-fits-all platform. As businesses march onward, the talent sourcing industry will rely more heavily on technology, digital-first businesses will look for new and unique skill sets, and remote work will continue to grow in popularity. Below, the experts at Canduit Connection dive into exactly what the future of talent sourcing will look like with regards to these concepts. 

Technology Plays an Increasingly Integral Role for Job Recruiters 

While many staffing agencies already depend heavily on digital tools for their recruitment processes, technology will only become increasingly crucial to talent sourcing proficiency, longevity, and reliability. Hiring agencies need tools that improve efficiency, as they can often enable a recruiter to make more long-lasting connections in less time. A vast majority of recruiters cite better recruiting technology as the ideal upgrade to help them perform better at their jobs. Talent sourcing agencies will continue to search for tools that can help them engage with more potential job candidates, provide more accurate and relevant assessments, better analyze the respective job market, and improve video interviewing processes. And to stay ahead of the competition, a good talent sourcing agency will utilize only the best technology platforms to boost efficiency and ensure better staffing. 

Digital Businesses Will Demand More Unique Expertise

As most businesses are undergoing a total digital transformation, their workforce must have uniquely advanced digital expertise. Job seekers in most fields must not only be familiar with how to use modern platforms, they should also be able to think critically about the advancement and adaptation of new digital methodologies and practices. In general, technology is progressing faster than people are learning new skills. So as this gap continues to widen, the qualified talent pool will shrink, and job seekers with proficiency in the digital sphere will excel more than ever before. Additionally, freelancers and independent contractors will become more in-the-norm, and as a talent sourcing agency, it’s essential to be flexible for these individuals.

Remote Workforces Will Continue To Grow in Popularity

Even pre-pandemic, many industries were already starting to transition to a more globally dispersed workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic simply solidified this shift. Today, almost all companies are hiring irrespective of physical location, which vastly broadens their pool of candidates. As this pool grows, many skills and attributes known as “soft skills” will become more valuable. These are skills like accountability, collaborative abilities, individual motivation, professionalism, and others that were more easily hidden in an office setting. Recruitment consultants should pay close attention to these types of skills and qualifications, as they will ensure much greater reliability and longevity of their job placements.

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