Networking Versus Job Boards: How To Get Hired For Your Next Role

In an ever-evolving job market, job seekers must constantly adapt to accommodate the ways in which businesses hire, the ways recruiters source their talent, and the way their skill or trade is trending. For years, people have relied on job boards such as Monster, Indeed, or even perusing LinkedIn, but in today’s digital age, these types of platforms are ofoten oversaturated. Many experts have long-advised combining the use of job boards with traditional networking, but networking has come a long way, especially with the heavy expansion of social media. So which route should you go when looking for your next role? What are the benefits of networking when it comes to job hunting? Below, we break down why job boards are coming up short in many industries, and explore exactly what networking has to offer. 

Job Boards: An Outdated Practice 

While job boards were the staffing standard for many years, and though they have adapted well to the incalculable digital growth in the age of technology, the truth is: they are a dying method. They became too easy to use too quickly, and they allow for excessive volumes of job searchers to apply for just about any job at a moment’s notice. This resulted in rapid oversaturation, and soon, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn resumes began to routinely fall to the bottom of the pile. Job boards are now one of the least effective methods of getting hired, as less than 10% of people find jobs with them. Additionally, with the way that social media has taken off over the last decade, concepts like networking are becoming progressively simpler. 

Job boards worked for a while, and they did what they needed to do when the job market needed it. But “tap to apply” doesn’t cut it when labor shortages have spurred a massive gap between increasingly complex positions and the talent pool that knows how to do the jobs. There are far too many important roles that need talented applicants to fill them—companies can’t afford to hire the wrong employee

The Importance and Benefits of Networking

Networking remains one of the best ways to find a job in today’s market. An estimated 85% of job opportunities are filled through networking. Even when it comes to job boards like the LinkedIn jobs section, your application is only as valuable as your connection with the decision makers. You need to know someone that knows someone, at the very least. But networking is important for a few different reasons. 

Firstly, not all job opportunities are posted on job boards. In fact, about 75% of job listings are never made public at all. Secondly, networking gives job seekers like you a chance to build your personal brand, and make some connections that might better serve you down the road. Thirdly, you might end up finding out about a job or career path you didn’t even know existed. You can’t use a job board to search for something that you didn’t even know about. And lastly, talking with others about your job hunt can provide support in a sometimes trying time. This way, your network of friends and colleagues can help you stay on task, and check in with you to see how the job search is going. 

Key Networking Tips

Not everyone knows how to network, especially in a natural and successful manner. So below, we’ve put together a couple tips to help you get started.

  • Old-fashioned, face-to-face interactions work best, but don’t be afraid to use digital platforms for friendly networking, as well. 
  • People love to talk about their jobs, all you have to do is let them. 
  • Try not to make the conversation all about you. When industry professionals think you want something from them, it can often feel like a waste of time. But most people at least enjoy casual socializing, so aim more toward that feeling. 
  • Be diligent. Establishing strong connections in established fields can sometimes take time. 

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