7 Ways To Stand Out in a Virtual Interview

The pandemic has changed many things with respect to the job market, recruiting, hiring and staffing. But these last two years have especially altered the ways in which employers conduct interviews. While virtual interviewing wasn’t previously unheard of, it has become exponentially more commonplace in the professional world due to social distancing. Today, most job seekers don’t step foot in the office until the very last stages of the job application process, and sometimes not at all until their first day. Traditional interview formalities and advice are becoming less and less applicable, so what’s changed? Below, the expert recruiting consultants at Canduit Connection break down the need-to-knows about virtual interviewing, with tips and strategies to ensure that you stand out and boost your chances of landing that new job. 

Before the Interview

Obtain The Necessary Equipment

Before you start the job interview, it’s crucial to make sure that you have a working webcam, or a computer with a working webcam. Some of the older models don’t have them and you don’t want to notice this just before your interview time. Other important tools and equipment include your computer charger, cell phone as a backup option, a notebook, a comfortable and professional chair, and something to write with. 

Check Your Internet Connection

Don’t make the classic mistake of having a choppy internet connection during an interview. You don’t want to be the applicant that didn’t even get considered because the employer or hiring manager couldn’t understand what you were saying. Be sure to check your internet connection on the morning of the job interview and then again right before the call, just to be safe. Use a website such as SpeedTest to ensure you’re getting good upload and download speeds.

Ensure Adequate Lighting and Background

Many job seekers drop the ball simply because they don’t appear professional. Poor lighting can lead to an unmemorable interview, or even make you difficult to recognize and understand. Additionally, it just isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Make sure the room in which you are sitting is well-lit, with both front and back lighting. 

Familiarize Yourself With the Platform

With virtual interviews becoming increasingly popular, there are more web conference platforms than ever before. Make sure you take a look at which platform you will be using, whether it’s Zoom, Google Hangouts, or another. Try to become familiar with the app before your call, in case you plan on sharing documents, resumes, portfolios, etc. By smoothly navigating the virtual interview, you’ll come off as infinitely more qualified than those who struggle. 

During The Interview

Sit Up and Look Into The Camera

During the interview, it’s always best to make direct eye contact with the camera and sit upright. By looking into the camera, you’ll be far more personable and captivating, as the hiring manager or employer will want to return the favor. Strong eye contact is also a sign of confidence, which only improves your chances of getting hired. Additionally, by not slouching, you’ll be sure to keep the interviewer’s attention, convey enthusiasm, and maintain a professional image from the beginning of the job interview to the end.

Ask Direct Questions

As a job seeker and interviewee, it’s essential to remember that you are also interviewing them as a company. Be sure to ask at least a few transparent questions about the open position. Also, it’s always advisable to ask what else you can do to better your chances of getting hired during the job application process. This shows that you’re serious about the role and committed to augmenting your knowledge and applicable skill sets. 

Establish Appropriate Expectations

As the interview is coming to an end, establish appropriate expectations with regards to next steps. When should you expect to hear back from them? What can you do in the meantime to perhaps learn more or get ahead of the other applicants? Also, be sure to thank them, let them know that you appreciate their time, and explain that you will follow up with any additional requirements. 

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