5 Questions To Ask At the End of an Interview: For Interviewees

Interviewing is much like test-taking: there are tricks of the trade that can drastically improve your chances of passing. Of course, having excellent work experience can make a tremendous difference, but in an extremely competitive job market, it’s up to you, the job seeker, to stand out. You want to be sophisticated, but personable; self-advocating, but not arrogant; and memorable, but not over-the-top. The best time to convey these characteristics is at the end of the interview, when the employer gives you the opportunity to ask them questions. This is your chance to show a little more personality, organization skills, and intelligence. 

But coming up with the perfect questions can be challenging, especially when you already have a full plate, thanks to cover letters, job applications, and possibly your current full-time job. So below, the expert job sourcing specialists at Canduit Connection have put together five of the best questions to ask at the end of your job interview—these questions are proven to increase your odds of obtaining the position. 

Question #1: Have I answered all of your questions?

This question is a smooth and easy transition out of the portion of the interview where they were asking you questions. Additionally, it will afford them the opportunity to learn more about you in case they, as the interviewer, have any unorthodox inquiries. By asking this question, you show the employer or hiring manager that you appreciate and understand the importance of smooth dialogue, transparency, and being thorough. 

Question #2: What’s something you would change about this company, and why? 

Asking this question can help provide unique perspective and inside intel about some potential challenges you may face should you be hired for the role. Hopefully, the answer to this question will illuminate some of the procedural flaws or internal obstacles the company is up against, and you can focus on these things from the moment you step in the door on your first day. Asking this question also shows that you care about improving the business, and not just about your own personal job responsibilities; that you see the bigger picture.  

Question #3: Who do you consider your major competitors?

This is a critical question to ask as a job seeker. Firstly, you may learn of other potential job opportunities. And more importantly, you can learn about the market and the competitive field to gain a leg up on other applicants, and even some current employees. Don’t forget, this is a one-on-one conversation with an industry professional who is often an executive. This is a golden opportunity to listen, learn, and take notes. 

Question #4: Do you see anything on my resume or in my qualifications that would keep me from obtaining this role? 

By asking this question, you’re showing the hiring manager or employer that you have the ability to be direct, while also re-emphasizing the fact that you’re an ideal candidate to fill the open position. This question is a polite way of letting the interviewer know that you’re aware of your qualifications, and you’re simply ensuring that they appreciate your value as well. Additionally, asking this question gives them the opportunity to help you improve your resume or experience for the next opportunity, should you not land the job.

Question #5: Is there anything I can learn or work on between now and the next time we talk?

As an excellent question to bring the interview to a close, asking the interview about potential learning opportunities showcases your enthusiasm for growth. This question also demonstrates your commitment to this role specifically, as you’re willing to dedicate your time and energy to them as a company before you’ve even been hired. It conveys eagerness and preparedness, which are some of the most sought-after traits in a job candidate in any industry.

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