4 Things To Bring To Your Next Job Interview and Why

The world is slowly moving its way out of the pandemic, and new job opportunities are beginning to enter the job market. Businesses of all shapes and sizes in a variety of industries are looking to staff a range of unique positions. And as unemployment benefits wind down and employers attempt to recover from massive product and labor shortages, you may just find yourself back in the job application process. 

If you are fortunate enough to partake in an in-person interview as opposed to a virtual interview, you may want to brush up on your interview etiquette, which includes nailing down the items you should bring with you. As expert recruiting consultants, we at Canduit Connection want to ensure that you have the best chances of obtaining your dream role. For this reason, we’ve put together the following list of four things you should bring to your next interview and why. 

Pen and Paper

While it may seem obvious, many applicants forget to bring blank paper and something to write with when they go on in-person interviews. Pen and paper are key items to bring with you, as it’s essential that you take detailed notes on what you learn over the course of the interview. Firstly, this conveys interest, accountability, and organization skills to the interviewers. Secondly, taking notes will help you accurately compare and contrast the different positions for which you might be applying. It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the moment and forget specific nuances that may be integral to making the optimal decision for your career. 

Several Copies of Your Resume

Though many people are aware of this custom, in today’s digital age, job seekers often opt not to bring paper resumes with them to an interview. This is a mistake, as it can appear unprofessional and unprepared. Bring at least five copies of hard-copy resumes, and be sure to keep them in a professional folio to avoid wrinkles, creases, or tears. By bringing several resumes, you can easily access and reference your relevant work experience, as well as give them to however many members of the company you encounter. Additionally, by circulating hard copies of your resume, you never know who might come across one of your them and give you a call with a valuable opportunity. 

Written-Down Questions For Your Interviewers

One of the best things to become memorable in a job interview is to ask your interviewers a few well-thought-out questions. When the employer or hiring manager turns the interview over to you, you don’t want to appear disinterested or inattentive. But by asking a couple penetrating and introspective questions, you can go from being a run-of-the-mill, forgettable applicant to the perfect fit. To accomplish this in a smooth manner, it’s critical that you do some information gathering on the company or position before the interview—then, write down your thoughts and potential topics. Also, it’s important to remember that you’re interviewing them as well, and you want to make sure that this open position is the right move for your career. 

A Portfolio or Briefcase To Neatly Hold Your Items

You’ll want to have a convenient method to carry the above three items, as it only further portrays sophistication and professionalism. If one applicant walks in, looking disheveled, carrying loose leaf papers and dangling a pen from their mouth, and you walk in with all of your materials neatly packaged in a leather briefcase, who do you think will leave a better impression? Use your best judgement when it comes to the type of container—backpacks, for instance, may be better fit for some roles than others. Your company research should be able to tell you a bit about the workplace culture, attire, and expectations for this decision.

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