4 Reasons You’re Not Finding Good Job Candidates

As the unresolved conditions of the pandemic continue to affect the workforce, job shortages are taking their toll on a wide range of industries. Many employers are at a loss for words when it comes to their staffing, and seemingly every organization is in a perpetual state of “catch-up.” Everyone is hiring, but no one is applying. Though many factors may be outside your control, there are several steps you can take as an employer or a hiring manager to make sure you’re not being overlooked in the job-hunting world. And as it stands, you can’t afford to miss out on the limited job seekers that are available to you. So below, the talent sourcing experts at Canduit Connection have compiled a list of four reasons you might not be finding suitable job candidates, so that you can reevaluate and improve your staffing efforts.

You’re Only Using Job Boards

Too many businesses rely solely on posting their job openings on job boards like ZipRecruiter, Monster, or even LinkedIn. But these staffing sites are often far too generic for modern business hiring, and most good candidates don’t search for jobs on these types of platforms. The reality is, job boards are ambiguous, low priority methods of finding qualified candidates in today’s world, and job seekers know it. Additionally, by depending on job boards, you’re limiting your hiring pool to only those that are actively looking for a new role. If you want to find excellent job candidates, it’s important to diversify your recruiting strategies, or to partner with a talent sourcing agency that knows how to help.

You Have a Narrow Pipeline

If you are maintaining a narrow talent pipeline, it may be difficult to find highly qualified candidates when you need them most. With only so many job seekers to choose from, you may develop a misleading sense of the level of talent that’s out there and wind up hiring second-rate employees. These types of mistakes can be detrimental to a business, as it initiates a domino effect regarding the quality of service your operation provides, the culture within the workplace, and the longevity of the company itself. By keeping a large pool of talent at your fingertips and constantly networking, you can be sure to include diverse candidates in the hiring process. Keeping an open mind to employees outside of your niche circle is crucial, as you may find unique and transferable skill sets that can augment your business’ success. 

Your Job Description is Lackluster

The best job candidates typically have a variety of options and roles in mind, so they are likely comparing and contrasting the different job descriptions all day long. If you have a mundane job description, you will inevitably struggle to hire high-quality employees. You may even receive an abundance of under-qualified candidates, as they often fail to notice the difference between a good and bad job posting. Your job description needs to be stellar, and it should captivate potential employees. To capture the best job candidates’ attention, make sure your job description: 

  • clearly identifies the role and its responsibilities
  • helps the candidate envision themselves in the role
  • accurately portrays the company culture
  • comes across as challenging
  • includes a strong call to action

You’re Have a DIfficult Application Process

In today’s world, every online experience is becoming increasingly user-friendly. Any process that isn’t intuitive and easy to navigate will immediately be written off as arduous and not worth it. If your application process is at all cumbersome, if there are too many steps, or if it’s unclear in any way, many qualified candidates will cut their losses and simply apply elsewhere. A great job candidate knows their value, and they won’t spend time with broken links, tedious questionnaires, or clunky applications. Be sure that your application process is smooth, forthright, and easily accessible. If you don’t have anyone in-house that can handle it, you may want to consider working with an experienced talent sourcing agency to enhance your application experience. 

Simplified Talent Sourcing With Canduit Connection

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