4 Reasons Your Job Candidates “Ghost” You

In today’s complex job market, employers face new complications as job candidates have more options than ever before. Not only is unemployment currently at one of the lowest rates in recent history, but technology also provides a plethora of avenues through which job seekers can apply and be contacted. Accordingly, candidates continue to control the recruitment process and have even begun to “ghost” employers, or disappear entirely in the middle of the recruiting or hiring process with no explanation. This growing trend is the result of the conditions of the current job market combined with outdated, traditional recruiting styles. Below we’ve compiled the four main reasons job candidates and new hires are “ghosting” employers and what you can do to take back control, find the perfect employee, and retain them. 

Poorly structured hiring process

Too often, hiring processes today rely on just “winging it.” Because not everyone can afford a large, third party staffing agency, new job positions are filled by word of mouth alone. With no structure or step-by-step process in place, the onboarding quickly becomes over-complicated and frustrating for new hires. Transitional periods are already difficult and typically tight financially for job seekers—adding to this struggle with a confusing and disorganized initiation is ill-advised. Employers in this realm are often too busy to constantly track and monitor each brand new employee or develop a functional hiring process, and working with the right recruiting company can make all the difference. At Canduit Connection we work with you to implement a structured, methodical recruiting and hiring approach to provide eager, qualified candidates with proper expectations and a smooth transition. 

Not good candidates to begin with

The quality and fit of the job seekers you’re dealing with can significantly influence their level of responsibility and interest. If your recruiting and job sourcing processes fail to clearly define qualifications and expectations, you may find yourself either inundated with poor quality candidates or without many candidates at all. It’s only a matter of time before applicants of this caliber feel out of place and disappear entirely to continue their job hunt elsewhere. By properly filtering your talent search with the right recruitment services, you ensure that your potential employees and new hires are competitive, interested, and reliable workers. Canduit Connection streamlines this concept with cutting-edge technology for smarter connections to help you hire employees you can count on. 

Too automated and too generic

Though automation helps immensely in many aspects, too much of it can be a bad thing. Excessive automation and hiring through generic job boards can cause hiring and onboarding processes to lose authenticity, which results in a missed opportunity to create and build trust. Without trust, there is no sense of stability, comfort, or respect, and this absence inevitably drives candidates and new hires to abandonment. By reinforcing your hiring approach with, at least, sporadic human feel and emotion, you remind your employees that you care about them, their culture, and their happiness, causing them to want to come to work and perform well. Here at Canduit Connection, we’ve mastered the art of combining technology and automation with real, personal connections to fill your open positions with qualified, eager talent. 

Not responsive enough

Accepting an alternate job offer may be a seemingly obvious reason for the “ghosting” of employers by job seekers, but it can often be avoided with adequate response time. Top candidates in today’s job market are understood to find the ideal role and disappear from the talent pool in as little as 10 days. As a smaller business, you may not have the time to be as responsive as you need to be. By working with the right recruitment agency, designed for small business staffing, you ensure that you don’t miss out on the ideal candidate simply because you were tied up helping your customers. Canduit Connection utilizes years of experience, strong client focus, and the attention to detail to walk candidates through the hiring process and avoid potential lapses in communication. 

Simplified Talent Sourcing With Canduit Connection

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